When people call our apartment finding service, they often have many questions. We’re here to answer those questions. But to make life a little easier for you, we’ve included some of the most common questions right here. Read below to learn a little more about our service!

If your service is free, how are you making any money?

You don’t pay us: the apartment owner you choose to lease from does. All you need to do is write “Apartments Today” and include the name of your agent on the guest card and lease application, and we’ll get paid.

Is your apartment locating service really free?

It certainly is! Our apartment hunters work for you for free. Using Apartments Today won’t affect your monthly rent or specials – unless, of course, we find extra specials for you that you might not have found on your own. And don’t forget about our amazing move-in specials: a free U-Haul truck or a Visa gift card on the day of your move!

When should I start looking for a new apartment?

We encourage our clients to start looking a few days to six weeks before you move. However, we can help you at any time, even if you need to move out today. Most residents don’t give notice until 30 days before their planned move, so it’s important to act fast. San Antonio has a 95% apartment occupancy rate, so most apartments are snatched up very quickly.

How quickly can you find an apartment for me?

We might already know just the place for you! We are constantly searching through the market for our customers, so we already have a portfolio of lovely apartments for you to look through. Sometimes, we’ve even helped people move in on the first (and last) day of their search!

What do I have to do to qualify to lease an apartment?

Usually, lease applications ask you to list four things: your job history/income, rental history, criminal background check, and credit history:
  • Job History/Income: Obviously, your future landlord wants to make sure you can pay the rent! Most want to see at least 6 months of job or school history, and they want to make sure you’re making at least three times the rent in verifiable income (before taxes). However, this is a total for every employed occupant, not just one person. For instance, if you want to rent a 2-bedroom for $700, most landlords would want to see a pre-tax income of at least $2,100. Furthermore, some properties are income-qualified, meaning that there is an upper limit on income. If you’re worried that you might be rejected, having a “co-signer” may help in some situations.
  • Rental History: Apartment managers and landlords often check for two years of rental history – having a co-signer could assist you here. Don’t let a broken lease stop you from searching for a new place, as we can still help! Furthermore, if you’re a first-time renter, don’t worry. Your job history and your credit history can still help you find a place.
  • Criminal Background Check: All managers run a criminal background check, and about 98% of them will reject applicants with misdemeanors and felonies on their records. However, we know the other 2%. Depending on the crime on your record and how long ago it occurred, we can find a landlord who will be willing to work with you.
  • Credit History: What landlords and managers wish to see varies from complex to complex: tell us your situation, and we’ll be able to help you. We know about apartments that will work with people who have suffered from repossessions, foreclosures, and even bankruptcy.
Can you find a place where I can keep my pets – even a big dog?

Of course! Many places will accept cats and smaller dogs (up to 30lbs). We also know places that will accept a dog weighing as much as 100lbs, and communities with no pet weight limit. We can also find homes for people with dogs from aggressive breeds, like pit bulls, Rottweilers, and Chows. You might have to pay a larger deposit, but we can definitely find a place for you and your pet.
Frequently Asked Questions about Our Free Move!
Q. How can Apartments Today Inc deliver a truly free move?
A. As licensed apartment locators in Texas, we are paid a commission for new tenants we bring to quality apartment communities. We use part of that commission to either provide your free move or give you up to $50.
Q. How do I qualify for the free move?
A. Let Apartments Today Inc. help you find your apartment. Then list Apartments Today Inc as your apartment locator on your visit guest card, lease application and lease. You must list Apartments Today Inc. and only Apartments Today Inc. as your apartment locator or referral service when you first visit the apartments and again on the lease application.
Q. Can Apartments Today Inc.com move me within the same property?
A. No, this is considered an on-site transfer, unless the apartment community agrees to pay for your move/referral. If you already live in the apartment, then, Apartments Today Inc.com could not have referred you.
Q. How do I schedule my move once my lease application has been approved?
A. Call your Apartments Today Inc. locator or visit http://www.Apartments Today Inc.com, and fill-out the form.
Q. Can I get moved from a storage unit (house, etc.)?
A. Yes, if you qualify for the free move, Apartments Today Inc.com can move you from any location including storage, house, apartment, etc. (local move service areas and other restrictions apply).
Q. What is considered a 'one man' box?
A. A “one man” box can be handled by one person and is less than 50 pounds. It can be picked up and carried up and down the stairs to and from the moving truck by one person. (Apartments Today Inc.com reserves the right to refuse to move items that are deemed unsafe to move).
Q. How much notice does Apartments Today Inc. need on move requests?
A. Apartments Today Inc. requests a 2-week notice on move requests. Apartments Today Inc. cannot guarantee any move requests (usually with less than 72 hours notice) and with prior approval.
Q. When will my move date and time be confirmed?
A. With our online move scheduling process, move dates and times are scheduled based on availability at the time of scheduling a request. Moves are confirmed when we receive a verification of lease from the apartment community. A moving manager may contact you prior to us receiving a verification of referral; this does not automatically mean your move is approved.

Q When moving from different locations do my room and I both get a free move?
A. Apartments Today Inc.com only allows 1 Free move or cash voucher per apartment unit leased. There is only one free pickup location. Additional charges that apply include the extra pickup location ($30) and mileage.
Q. Is there an extra charge for 3rd floor to 3rd floor moves?
A. There is only a charge for 3rd floor and above moves on our competitive Offer. Floor charges are not included in the Original or Hourly Free Move offers.
Q. How do I let the movers know about extra items not previously listed'?
A. Include specific items not listed in the online inventory in the “Additional Items” section at the end of the inventory page. A moving manager will quote pricing and add these items to your inventory.
Q. Does Apartments Today Inc.com provide boxes?
A. Apartments Today Inc.com offers boxes for sale
Q. If I have extra items what forms of payment do you accept and when do I pay?
A. The Moving Company accepts cash and requires a credit card to be on file prior to the move. Payment is expected before the unloading of your belongings.

If you have any other questions, feel free to Contact Us today! 
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