It can be rough finding an aparmtent when one has an eviction.  Most complexes see an eviction as worse than a broken lease, and many complexes in San Antonio will not work with such cases.  At Apartments Today, we understand that situations beyond ones control can happen, and we gladly assistant people in finding their apartment homes.  We have an extensive database of privately owned complexes throughout San Antonio and can:

  • Review your situation with you
  • Give you the apartment management perspective on your eviction
  • Help you find the apartments that are willing to look at your situation
  • Work with you to determine the qualifying factors & paper work that you will need to present your history to the apartment in the best possible light
  • Make contact with those apartment to try to pre-qualify you
  • Act as your advocate and adviser during the leasing process

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Best of all Our service is always free!